• New from our friends at Gameplan Verlag: 50 years of screen fun and digital action, chronologically and in-depth in plain language, technical tables and over 800 photos. The greatly expanded and updated new edition of the popular reference book on video game hardware shows all consoles, handhelds and computers from America, Japan and Europe, presents classic software in authentic pixels, provides background information and historical facts. 550 dream devices, million-sellers from Atari VCS to Commodore Amiga and SNES to PS5 and Steam Deck, but also derailments and exotic variants presented in full-color chapters and detailed appendices - for all those who want to play, collect and know all their lives.
  • Cult game meets cult computer

    Amiga Duel is the ultimate card game for all Amiga fans, retro collectors and gamer enthusiasts: it features 32 models of the greatest computer series ever created. The lineup includes all Commodore Amigas from the A1000 to the CD32, various clones like DraCo or Pegasos, devices from the grapevine like Walker or MCC and of course the brand new The A500 Mini. The classics shine through year of availability or innovative strength, the newer machines stand out through computing power or kickstart. All playing cards have been illustrated with love and researched with passion - by Amiga fans for Amiga fans.
  • Joysticks

    The joystick is the interface between man and screen action, between reality and fantasy. Millions of players have been turning and pressing it for 30 years. Joysticks, the second work from Gameplan, is the book on the most beautiful accessory in the world, an encyclopedia and illustrated history of input devices.

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