FOR BASIC TO ONE-LINERS: Creative one-liner programming with 8-bit-BASIC

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Shorter, faster, smarter: In FOR BASIC TO ONE-LINERS, minimalism meets programming. This book offers a comprehensive introduction to the world of BASIC one-liner programming on 8-bit computers.

One-liner programming is a technique in which complex tasks, graphic and sound effects and even entire games are realised in just a single line of code with up to 80 characters. This minimalist approach requires precision and creativity in order to create efficient yet powerful programs – with as few characters and as little processing time as possible. This is exactly where FOR BASIC TO ONE-LINERS comes in.

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Featuring more than 170 tips & tricks for shorter code and faster programs, this compendium is an indispensable guide for programming enthusiasts and retro computing addicts. The book offers numerous hands-on examples with explanatory graphics and speed comparisons to make complex one-liners easy to understand.

Both beginners and professionals will find many tips and tricks in this amazing compilation to put the finishing touches to their programs.


  • Over 170 tips & tricks for shorter code and faster programs in BASIC
  • Basics of BASIC and exercises in BASIC to suit readers of all levels of experience
  • User-friendly benchmark comparisons, screenshots and graphics
  • More than 300 BASIC commands (POKEs, PEEKs, SYSs, WAITs and CHR$s) with explanations
  • Useful appendices with tables and overviews of BASIC abbreviations, screen codes and PETSCII codes of the C64

The book is aimed specifically at programmers on the Commodore 64, but is also suitable for users of 8-bit computers of other brands such as Acorn, Atari, Amstrad, Apple, BBC, Dragon, MSX, NEC, Schneider, Sinclair, Robotron, Tandy or Texas Instruments.

The tutorials can be executed with various BASIC interpreters such as Color, Exos, Extended Color, GFA, GW, HC, IBM Cassette, Integer, Level I & II, MS, N88, Oric, RC or Vision.


  • basics of BASIC
  • BASIC memory
  • BASIC abbreviations & tokens
  • time measurement
  • tips for beginners
  • saving characters
  • tips and tricks
  • speed
  • best of one-liners
  • curiosities
  • overview of PEEKs, POKEs, SYSs, WAITs & CHR$s
  • screen codes of the C64
  • PETSCII codes of the C64
  • command overview of BASIC dialects

About the authors

Holger Weßling, born in 1965, is an accomplished author and former employee of the renowned Data Becker publishing house. After a creative break of several years, he has returned to the world of writing and has become well known for his specialised books about the THEC64 and THEA500 and for the official guide to Impossible Mission.

Martin Roscher is a professor of mathematics and a well-known BASIC programmer. In FOR BASIC TO ONE-LINERS he shares his in-depth knowledge to help programmers get the most out of 8-bit programming.

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Holger Weßling, Martin Roscher, Martin Gutenbrunner


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June 13th, 2024


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9783982602240 (paperback book), 9783982602257 (PDF)


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