From Vultures to Vampires 2: The Battle for Commodore’s Intellectual Property (2005-2010)


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From Vultures to Vampires is the fascinating true account of what happened to Commodore after the fateful New York auction sale of 1995.

Volume 2 chronicles the machinations and intricate shell games surrounding the Amiga’s ownership from 2005 to 2010. The heated battle for the post-Commodore Amiga crown led to the ongoing development of competing next-generation PowerPC-based computers and operating systems.

As companies faded from the scene, new champions took up the challenge of keeping the Amiga dream alive. The twists and turns involving Commoodore’s trademarks were more convoluted. with repeased opportunistic attempts to control the Commodore brand, something that continues to this day.

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Table of contents

  • Chapter 1: The circle of life: Happy 20th Birthday, Amiga!
  • Chapter 2: Getting better? It can’t get no worse?
  • Chapter 3: Powered up
  • Chapter 4: Swimming against the tide
  • Chapter 5: Breakthrough
  • Chapter 6: A new beginning
  • Chapter 7: Commodore revisited

The Author

With a career spanning more than 45 years in the computer industry, David John Pleasance’s success is legendary – it is estimated that he was directly responsible for the sale of some 2.25 million computers.

During his influential tenure at Commodore, which included offices in the UK, Switzerland (responsible for 35 countries) and the US, David formed long-term partnerships with the world’s leading publishers of games and productivity software, always at least one step ahead of the competition. He has set the standard in marketing and is specifically known for his pioneering idea of bringing combined computer and software packages to market.

No one else could be better qualified to tell this compelling, unbelievable (but true) story about the mismanagement of a global computer giant.

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