Commodore: The Inside Story (German edition)


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30 untold stories about a computer giant

Now available in German! “Commodore: The Inside Story” takes you on a journey through the exciting world of Commodore, the legendary technology company that played a major role in shaping the computer revolution – from its humble beginnings to its rise as the undisputed icon of the home computer era to the company’s final crash due to fatal mismanagement.

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This riveting book not only provides a comprehensive account of the creation of Commodore, with its revolutionary C64, PET, and Amiga computers and its many failed developments, but also reveals the fascinating stories of the visionaries, engineers, and developers who made the company what it was.

17 of the gripping chapters are written by David John Pleasance, the former managing director of Commodore UK. His precise descriptions and many personal photos reveal exclusive details and an intimate perspective on events.

Furthermore 13 former Commodore legends like RJ Mical, Dave Haynie, Gail Wellington or Peter Kittel tell about their eventful time at the American home computer giant of the 80s. These extraordinary stories provide a deep insight into the culture, innovation and passion that shaped Commodore.

“Commodore: The Inside Story” is the ultimate tribute to an era that changed the computer world forever. With his in-depth insights, compelling anecdotes, and personal contributions from industry legends, David John Pleasance delights readers and transports them back to the golden age of home computing.

Table of contents

Part 1: The Inside Story

  1. In the beginning
  2. Commodore UK − The first five months
  3. Commodore Corby
  4. Interlude 1: Spirit of the Stones
  5. Maidenhead, Pt. 1: We don’t sell computers, we sell dreams
  6. Maidenhead, Pt. 2: The Distributor Incentive Program
  7. Commodore Electronics Limited: Basle, Switzerland
  8. Interlude 2: Commodore Netherlands
  9. Commodore Inc.: West Chester, Pennsylvania, USA
  10. A comedy of errors: Our illustrious leader, Mehdi Ali
  11. Interlude 4: Irving Gould
  12. The launch of the CD32
  13. The SCI Amiga 1200 manufacturing saga
  14. Interlude 4: The PC Week lawsuit
  15. Management buyout
  16. Interlude 5: Chelsea FC shirt sponsorship
  17. After Commodore

Part 2: Commodore Memories

  1. RJ Mical: One more untold Amiga story
  2. Dave Haynie: RUN
  3. Tim Chaney: Commodore UK − The early days
  4. Gail Wellington: Memories from the soft side
  5. Peter Kittel: My time at Commodore Germany
  6. Beth Richard: Design many, ship few
  7. Miguel De Gracia: Memories of a young recruit
  8. Joe Benzing: Commodore memories
  9. François Lionet: How the Amiga changed my life
  10. Wim Meulders: Death by management, customers and users
  11. Kieron Sumner: It’s all in the value
  12. Stephen Jones: A love letter to AROS
  13. Carlo Pastore: The story of the Commodore 65

The Author

With a career spanning more than 45 years in the computer industry, David John Pleasance’s success is legendary – it is estimated that he was directly responsible for the sale of some 2.25 million computers.

During his influential tenure at Commodore, which included offices in the UK, Switzerland (responsible for 35 countries) and the US, David formed long-term partnerships with the world’s leading publishers of games and productivity software, always at least one step ahead of the competition. He has set the standard in marketing and is specifically known for his pioneering idea of bringing combined computer and software packages to market.

No one else could be better qualified to tell this compelling, unbelievable (but true) story about the mismanagement of a global computer giant.


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