Game consoles and home computers 1972 to 2022


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New from our friends at Gameplan Verlag: 50 years of screen fun and digital action, chronologically and in-depth in plain language, technical tables and over 800 photos.

The greatly expanded and updated new edition of the popular reference book on video game hardware shows all consoles, handhelds and computers from America, Japan and Europe, presents classic software in authentic pixels, provides background information and historical facts. 550 dream devices, million-sellers from Atari VCS to Commodore Amiga and SNES to PS5 and Steam Deck, but also derailments and exotic variants presented in full-color chapters and detailed appendices – for all those who want to play, collect and know all their lives.

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A journey through the eras of gaming, from the electromechanical prehistoric age to the ultra HD present and from there to the VR future!

  • great reference book … lovingly … carefully … with compact, pointed texts … and splendid photos … supplemented … expanded and clarified … A printed gem to read yourself and give as a gift
    – Peter Schmitz, c’t
  • Gameplan takes you on a journey through the world of computer & video games (…) very understandable (…) very entertaining
    – Gamestar
  • offers a deep insight into the entertainment devices of the last 25 years (…) easy to read, nicely illustrated and rich in facts (…) a smart reference book for game fans
    – Man!ac
  • everything you need to know (…) detailed device information (…) technology fans can revel in the details (…) a recommendable read
    – c’t
  • An ace!
    – ComputerPICTURE games
  • Required reading
    – PlayZone

The Author

Winnie Forster, publicist and digital media expert, has been at the keyboard since 1982 and in the computer and video games industry since 1990. He was managing editor of the legendary PowerPlay magazine, co-founder of Video Games and – as editorial director of the specialist publisher Cybermedia – of the multi-format magazine Man!ac, which he launched online in 1995. In the 21st century, Forster works and plays at Ammersee in Bavaria.

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