• language: English
  • publication date: 26 August 2024
  • formats: hardback & digital, 450 pages
A comprehensive guide to the Amiga operating system for beginners, advanced users and professionals. "AmigaOS 3.2 Reference Manual" features clear explanations of the basics and advanced functions of AmigaOS 3.2 and valuable insights into the Amiga system, from A to Z. The book is aimed at ambitious users who want to master the basics of the operating system, learn more in-depth techniques and gain an insight into the possibilities for advanced use of the system. And it is intended to awaken the desire to use and get back into using the system and pave the way for the basics beyond the operating system. Please note that the print run of "AmigaOS 3.2 Reference Manual" will be strictly limited. Early bird customers who purchase their book until 21st July 2024 will benefit from our special offer: the combined price of the book and the digital edition (PDF) is 35 €, saving 10 €.