Amiga Duel: box with various cards

Amiga Rules: Rules for the card game Amiga Duel

Amiga-Trump (simple version)

For 2 to 4 players.

All cards are dealt among the players. Each player holds his cards as a pile. The starting player to the dealer‘s left reads out a random value of their topmost card. Each other player then reads out the equivalent value from their cards. The best value wins the trick. The winner takes all cards of the trick and places them under their pile. In the event of a draw or an unspecified category (–) a new category of the same card must be chosen. The winner calls for the next round. The player who obtains the whole pack is the winner of the game.

Winning by values is defined as follows:

  • Processor: Processor: the higher (index values 1 to 17, highlighted in bold, e.g. G4 beats 68030)
  • Graphics: the higher (index values 1 to 6, e.g. AGA beats OCS)
  • Kickstart: the higher (e.g. 2.05 beats 1.2)
  • Start (Year of Availability): the older (e.g. 1987 beats 2001, unpublished is worst)
  • Formfactor: the more compact (e.g. 4 points beat 2 points)
  • Innovation: the higher (e.g. 3 points beat 1 point)

We have developed an index from 1 to 17 and from 1 to 6 respectively for the processor and graphics categories, which are highlighted in bold, for greater ease of play. For the form factor and innovation categories, we introduced a scale of 1 to 5 each. The highest value in each of these four categories wins.

Amiga-Trump (trick-version)

For 2 to 4 players.

The rules of the trick variant of Amiga-Trump are the same as those of the fast variant, with the following exception: if the values are the same, the other players must call “trick” as quickly as possible. All cards of this round are placed in the center of the table. The player who called “trick” the fastest may now choose the category and read out his preferred value. Whoever wins this round of the game additionally receives all the cards that were previously placed in the center.

Amiga-Trump (3-cards-version)

Some variants of the rules allow “three card pick”, whereby a player who has only 3 cards remaining is allowed to choose any of their three cards to play with. Typically, this lengthens the game considerably.

Amiga Happy Families (quartet)

For 3 to 4 players.

All cards are shuffled by one player and distributed equally to all players. In this game variation, the player fans out his cards and looks at them carefully. If he owns all four cards from one group (A to H), he may place them directly in front of him on the table. The player owning the Amiga 1000 begins.

He now asks any other player for a card that he himself is looking for to form a quartet (for example, card A3 or Amiga 2000). If the challenged player possesses the requested card, he must give it to the challenger, and the challenger may continue to ask. If the challenged player does not possess the card, the challenged player may ask one of the other players for the card he is looking for, and the process repeats. As soon as a player has obtained all four cards of a group, he may deposit them in front of him.

The winner is the player who has played the most quartets.

Eight groups (A to H) of four models each form the Amiga quartets for playing Happy Families:

  • Classic Amigas (Generation 1) (A): Amiga 1000 (A1), Amiga 500 (A2), Amiga 2000 (A3), Amiga CDTV (A4)
  • Classic Amigas (Generation 2) (B): Amiga 500+ (B1), Amiga 600 (B2), Amiga 3000 (B3), Amiga 3000T (B4)
  • Classic Amigas (Generation 3) (C): Amiga 1200 (C1), Amiga 4000D (C2), Amiga 4000T (C3), Amiga CD32 (C4)
  • Clones (D): DraCo (D1), Eagle 1200TE-40 (D2), Infinitiv A-1400 (D3), O/Box (D4)
  • PowerPC-Amigas (B): AmigaOne XE G4 (E1), AmigaOne Micro A1 G3 (E2), AmigaOne X1000 (E3), AmigaOne X5000 (E4)
  • NG-Clones: Pegasos (F1), Sam440ep (F2), Minimig (F3), The A500 Mini (F4)
  • Prototypes: Lorraine (G1), Amiga 3000 Plus (G2), Amiga Walker (G3), Amiga MCC (G4)
  • Grapevine-Amigas: Amiga 1400 (H1), Amiga 5000 (Nyx) (H2), CD64 (H3), Lazarus (H4)

17. October 2022