News Die Geheimnisse von Monkey Island

Tales about three-headed monkeys and mighty pirates

Filled to the brim like a treasure chest: “The Secrets of Monkey Island” tells the story of one of the most legendary series in video game history within 272 pages – with a twinkle in its eye, it lets the reader relive the adventures of Guybrush Threepwood, mighty pirate. What’s in? The complete adventures of Monkey Island retold, interesting facts about the development of the adventure game from then until today, backgrounds and facts about technologies like SCUMM and iMUSE, anecdotes and entertaining facts about the Monkey Island universe and much more!

“The Secrets of Monkey Island” is – how appropriate (!) – the first book published by LOOK BEHIND YOU. Available as of October 21, 2022 – directly from the publisher and in well-stocked bookstores.

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21. October 2022